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WINE (42)


Guinness Non Alcoholic Stout 0.0 | 14.9oz


Giesen 0% – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – 25.4oz


Leitz 0.0% Sparkling Riesling can – 8.5oz


Sober Carpenter Non-Alcoholic IPA – 16oz


Chateau Diana Zero White Wine – 25.4oz


Giesen 0% – New Zealand Rosé – 25.4oz


Leitz 0.5% Pinot Noir – 25.4oz


Woodland Farms Brewery Pointer IPA – 16oz


Woodland Farms West IPA – 16oz


Woodland Farms Brewery Ruby Sour Ale – 16oz


Leitz 0.0% Riesling – 25.4oz


Flying Dog Deep Brewery Fake NA IPA – 12oz

Sober Carpenter Non-Alcoholic Irish Red Ale – 16oz


Untitled Art Juicy IPA – 12oz

Sober Carpenter Mix Pack – 6 Pack 16oz


Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn NA Golden – 12oz


Brands we love​

We travel the world to bring you the best non alcoholic drinks to enjoy.

American Craft NA Beer, German NA Classics, British Zero Proof Gin’s & Tequilas, Non Alc Italian Wine, French NA Sparkling Wine, Mocktails and so much more. Simply the best tasting NA Drinks available. You can’t go wrong with our selection of Non Alcoholic Craft Beverages. And if you ever have any questions, we are here to help you make the best choices. Reach out any time. 

"We believe that good drinks can also be alcohol -free"

We want to inspire you to try some really amazing craft drinks. Sounds good, doesn't it? What we offer you, are alcohol free and non alcoholic craft beverage options for an all inclusive beverage community. We are passionate non alcoholic drinkers and love to share all the great NA's that we discover all around the world. 

Christan, Ed and Lars

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