Welcome to ProofNoMore’s Wholesale page. We distribute our ever growing selection of Non Alcoholic Beer, NA Wine, Zero Proof Spirits, Mixers and Mocktails  in the New York City metro area. If you are an off or on premise account interested in carrying our line of non-alcoholic/alcohol-free drinks (less than 0.5% ABV), please reach out to us using the below contact form.

For questions about or products, or to place an order, please use the below Wholesale Contact Form:




    Wholesale Accounts FAQs:

    Use the contact form to reach out to us so we can understand your needs and what you are looking for. Then we can better recommend products that will best suit your customer base and goals with implementing a Non-Alcoholic program at your establishment. We will need your State Tax Reseller Certificate, legal business name, legal business address (if different from your physical location), owner’s name & contact information, and trade references if you wish for terms.

    Are you able to wholesale all products I see on your website?

    Not all products you see us selling on our Direct to Consumer website we can wholesale, but many brands, we do have the ability to wholesale to other accounts. Please contact us for your wholesale needs.

    Do you also sell alcoholic drinks?

    ProofNoMore does NOT sell drinks that are 0.5% ABV or higher? We do have an affiliated business that does offer distribution of alcoholic beer in New York State.


    If you are a Wholesaler outside of NY/NJ/CT, or a brand trying to come to the area:

    1) If you are a distributor in another state or region of New York and interested in distribution of our line please reach out.

    2) If you are a domestic brand looking for distribution in the key New York City metropolitan area or an international company interested in importation of your non-alcoholic/alcohol-free drinks (less than 0.5% ABV) to the United States, please reach out to us via the  contact form.

    We offer traditional distribution/importation where we purchase your product and re-sell to off/on premise accounts or we can work as a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provider  where we will warehouse and distribute your products and charge you a fee to do this. For 3PL we will NOT own your products, you will. We will just arrange for the delivery to trade accounts per your direction.


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