New London Light

‘New London Light’ (NLL) is a critically acclaimed, bold and refreshing non-alcoholic spirit with an outstanding spectrum of flavor; setting a new standard in taste for low and no alcohol. Created by spirits experts for health conscious drinkers who value flavor.

With its delicious full body, complex layers of flavor and thirst-quenching zest, NLL is already making waves in the low and no space!

Low calorie and alcohol-free, NLL is made with all-natural ingredients chosen principally for their flavor characteristics and complementary health benefits.

Nutritional information: Cals <1, Carbs 0g, Sugars 0g, Fat 0g (Based on 1 US fl oz).

Winner of the 2021 People’s Choice Spirits Award for the ‘Mindful Drinking’ category and awarded Gold and 94 points by the Beverage Testing Institute in their ‘Conscious Spirits’ review.

New London Light Non Alcoholic Spirit – 750ml

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