Hitachino Nest Brewing

““Ko-u-no-su” is the village where our beer is born. “Su” literally means “NEST”. We named our brand Hitachino Nest Beer. This is our NEST where beer enthusiasts who care for brewing live.” The Supreme brew with meticulous craftsmanship leaves from here.

Hitachino Nest Beer is brewed by KuichiBrewry, who have been brewing Japanese sake since 1823, and now the family is in 8th generation. Hitachino is the name of the province in ancient Japan which covers the area of our brewery and was famous for its fertile soil, making our land just perfect for brewing.

One of Asia’s most renowned craft breweries has once again set a very high bar for NA brewing. Enjoy their Non Alc brew wherever life takes you.

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Hitachino Nest Non Ale Yuzu Ginger – 11.2oz

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