Flying Dog Brewing

More than 30 years ago, a group of oxygen- and alcohol-deprived amateur hikers convened in a Pakistan hotel room after summiting the world’s deadliest mountain. There, Flying Dog was born.

George Stranahan — a PhD in physics, founder of the Aspen Center for Physics, professional photographer, writer — lead that expedition to the summit of K2 in 1983, at the age of 52. In 1990, George opened a brewpub in Woody Creek, Colorado with Richard McIntyre, a man who continues to be well ahead of his time.

“Ralph, please. I beg you. Please do a quick beer label or maybe two for George. Your label must include one of my quotes about wisdom and drink. OK.” – H

That H stood for Hunter S. Thompson, a longtime friend and tenant (who never paid the rent) of George. The Ralph? The one, the only and the inimitable Ralph Steadman.

It’s only a logical conclusion that Flying Dog would develop one of the best Non Alcoholic Beers available today. Setting a standard once again for drinking trends and customer’s taste. Cheers to enjoying a beer while hiking!

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