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Feragaia Scottish Alcohol Free Spirit 16.9oz


FERAGAIA and Franklin & Sons (1Btl and 1x4Pack)


Feragaia: The spirit of the depths.

Literally translated as ‘Wild Earth’, each drop of our authentically alcohol-free spirit captures a sense of the deep, quiet ground hidden beneath the enduring and expansive landscapes of our Wild Earth. Breaking free from what ‘alcohol-free’ should look and taste like and built with radical authenticity in process, provenance and place, its refreshing depth of flavour is distilled to take you beyond the superficial, to a deeper place of presence within yourself and with each other.

A New Spirit Era.

Feragaia NA Spirit Scotland Logo
Feragaia Scotland Non Alcoholic

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A complex, subtle but sophisticated alcohol-free spirit, discover these simple serves and Feragaia's versatility of taste and occasion.

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