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Atmosphere Brewery – Pils Style Alcohol Free Lager – 11.2oz


Atmosphere Brewery spent two years criss-crossing Europe, to find the perfect brewing partner for it’s flagship alcohol free brew in Germany. Made from authentic German Pilsner beer, this Pils-style brew is the result of state-of-the-art multi-million dollar de-alcoholization equipment and 400 years of brewing experience.

To provide the best tasting authentic 0.0 Pils-style brew on the market, the brewing agreement requires only the best German barley and Noble hops be used. Atmosphere Brewery and its German partner worked together to delicately enhance a fabled in-house recipe to create a unique hop-forward 0.0 ABV Pilsner style that fans of premium beer will appreciate.

Enjoy Atmosphere Brewery’s Pils-style brew with any savory meal, to refresh after the gym, to relax at work, enjoy during the evening commute or to get wild out on the town. With zero alcohol, Atmosphere won’t slow you down.


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